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Kitesurfing Lessons on PEI - IKO Trained - Empty Kitesurfing Lessons on PEI - IKO Trained -

Post by ScottyB on Thu Jun 25, 2009 1:14 am

Kiteboarding Lessons on PEI

Please call or text 1 (902) 393-9501 to book an appointment or for more information! Ask for Scott or email

1 person = $50/hour or 3 hour booking is $140
2 people = $40/person/hour or 3 hour booking is $110/person

A full 3 hour lesson includes getting comfortable on a trainer kite, then strapping into the harness and flying a small kitesurfing kite. After this you will learn to fly a bigger 9m kite and begin body dragging in the water. If all goes well and there's time left we'll get you going on the board and into the water start.

We're also offering advance lessons for getting up wind, boosted jumps and smooth landings, front/back rolls, riding switch, multiple rotations, grabs, and kitelooping.

Over 20 years boarding experience!
IKO trained.
Years of instructor and coaching experience...
Skimboarding Lessons available as well

Let us help you learn to Kiteboard on PEI this summer!

We Have Gear and DVDs for Sale!

Best Kiteboarding Equipment In Stock Now
Kahoona's 11.5m & 7.5m
Aroonas, a Ouija 134cm, and more lightly used kiteboards
45cm & 55cm Best bars & 22m lines w 3m extensions
Instructional DVDs hosted by Shannon Best of Bestkiteboarding


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