Etiquette Refresher

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Etiquette Refresher

Post by Mike on Sat Sep 15, 2012 8:29 pm

Hey crew,

I hate to be naggy, but there's quite the influx of newbie kiters now so perhaps a quick refresher of the ground rules (I'm directly referring to Caissie Cape, but they can be applied anywhere):

-Launch & Land: beginner/intermediate kiters should ALWAYS launch and land their kites on the beach or water. At low tide run your lines on the sand & at high tide, have someone walk your kite into the water & help you launch. When it's busy, everyone should follow this as even the best can loose footing or drop their kite by accident.

After you land, wrap your lines.  

- Beginner Riding: 
As a beginner, you fall hard & fast & lose lots of ground downwind. Keep a minimum of 2 line lengths upwind of the rocks. Don't start there & ride into the rocks - if you are 2 line lengths or closer, walk upwind. You can walk upwind as far as the dune at most tides so space isn't an issue. 

- Never ride past the point. The wind could shift or drop, your kite could fall and past the point there is no easily accessible land to save yourself. People fish off the point, boats come & go and there's power lines & light poles out there do its not a good place to land your kite either if you get stuck. 

Kiting is an amazing sport, based on freedom, expression & adrenaline. That said, we need to protect ourselves and our amazing spots from bans. We are liable for the damage we cause & injuries to bystanders as well. Always give way & consideration to other beach goers. Never be in a position to hurt them or their property/vehicles. It's just a matter of playing smart. If you need help, ask. If you want advice, ask. If you're in doubt, err on the side of caution. 

If I missed anything, chime in. 

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